Top 10 Strangest Laws Of The World, Which Will Amaze You

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Laws are the system of a regulation made through the social or governmental agency to control behavior. Whenever there is any injustice happening over by somebody, by the organization or ruling government then law helps to protect and ensure an individual’s rights and safety.

Laws are rules which differ from country to country. Different countries have different customs, ethics, and cultures, so it’s very normal for them to have different rules and regulations too.

Just as we may see different cultures as exotic and strange, some of their laws may also seem a little odd. 

Here are the 10 strangest as well as interesting laws in the world! Here we go!! 

1. Singapore

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore as it causes maintenance problems in high-rise public housing apartments.

Also, it creates cleaning difficulty and damages cleaning equipment. You will be fined heavily if you are caught having chewing gum.

2. Switzerland

In Switzerland between 10 pm to 7 am in winter, and 11 pm to 7 am in summer is legally called “Quiet Times”.

However, Swiss landlords are allowed to interpret this law how they please, depending on their location, and the fussiness of their tenants. 

3. Turin, Italy

In Turin, all Dog owners must walk their pets three times a day otherwise they would be fined up to 500 euros, according to the new laws of the city council.

Italy is an animal-loving nation and also in many cities’ street animals are protected by strict laws. Although Turin has the strongest animal protection laws in Italy.

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4. Samoa

In Samoa, if you are forgetting your wife’s birthday then it is completely illegal. If you forget her birthday in Samoa then you will get more than the silent treatment from your wife.

It is also not clear how long your sentence would be.

5. Venice

If you are caught feeding birds like pigeons then you will be fined up to 700 euros. This is because it is not good for pigeon’s health as it becomes so unnatural for them.  

6. Sri Lanka

It is illegal to selfie with Buddha in Sri Lanka. It is illegal as when you click a selfie you ultimately turn back which is a sign of disrespect.

This act in Sri Lanka is punishable. Also, pointing your finger at Buddha is considered wrong and due to this kind of many reasons taking selfies is a ban.

7. Victoria, Australia

Flying kites in Australia is completely illegal. In fact, it is illegal to do any kind of outdoor activity, if it annoys someone else.

8. Barcelona, Spain

In an effort to make the streets of Barcelona free of shirtless people or in any short clothes like bikinis, the lawmakers make it illegal to be topless in public places.

9. Canada

One of the weirdest laws of Canada is you can’t climb trees. Also, you can’t hang any swing or a hammock on a tree’s branch, otherwise, you will have big problems with authorities.

 10. India

One of the most questionable laws of India is the legal drinking age. It varies from state to state but in some states, it goes up to 25 years of age.

It is very strange and unusual that a citizen can vote at the age of 18 but he/she is not considered mature enough to decide whether they can consume alcohol or not. 


The ultimate roles of laws are to protect human rights and general safety. But those above laws were so weird and strange that sometimes it feels to have no sense.

We need to keep in our mind that laws differ from country to country and it is directly related to a country’s ethics and culture.

Maybe it sounds strange to us as our culture differs from that particular country’s culture but at the same time, we need to understand the beliefs behind those laws. 

If we see its negative impact then it affects many people’s life directly as these silly laws restrict many people from doing some simple day-to-day life activities.

And eventually it becomes a burden. We can say the above law of Samoa is the best example to suit this argument.

Also, if we try to understand in a broad sense then these laws are directly linked with the country’s belief system. And due to this many people didn’t get affected by these weird laws as it seems.

For example: In India below 25 it is illegal to drink alcohol but it does not affect much as the Indian society doesn’t teach alcohol consumption as a good culture from a very early age.

Hence, some laws don’t have any practical use and they hamper the daily life of people which needs to be amended. But at the same time, we need to respect the laws made due to some belief system, culture, and ethics of a particular place.


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