Tommy Lee Went Sensational With His Nude Post On Social Media

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On August 11, 2022, Tommy Lee stunned the people who follow him on social media by publishing a full-frontal NSFW on his social media account. In the selfie, he was absolutely nude, and his penis was fully displayed for everybody to gaze upon. The drummer for Motley Crüe, Tommy Lee, uploaded a picture of himself without any clothes lying in a bathtub with the foam for his 1.5 million followers on Instagram to see.

Instagram had a zero-tolerance policy when the matter of nudity was picked up on its platform, so it begs the issue of how the graphic photo was allowed to be posted. As it went hand-on five hours later, the photo was eventually pulled down. Later, it was deleted by Tommy from his official page.

Tommy Lee SHOCKS Fans With NUDE PHOTO | Entertainment Tonight

Tommy’s personality has always been infamous for shocking the netizens by taking risks and consistently playing his cards close to his ambiance. In the past, he was seen with Pamela Anderson in a sex tape that took place while the two of them were driving. In the 1980s, when Lee’s band was at the height of its popularity, he was notorious for spending bed-time with his fans and followers, for making himself fall victim to drug abuse excessively, and for even ingesting miniature light bulbs for pleasure.

In June of last year, Johnny was on the row to simultaneously applaud and defame for playing with fractured ribs at the band’s highly anticipated reunion kick-off concert in Atlanta. Even if he could only make it through five songs, it was still more than his physician had instructed him to accomplish.

In his most recent post, three hours after the photo was uploaded, numerous people had already commented to express their disbelief at the plain nudity, and the openness revealed by him boldly and profoundly. One of Tom’s numerous followers posted a comment that said, “TOM, YOU CANNOT POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM.”


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