Texas abortion law released: The US Supreme Court refuses to block the law

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A revolutionary health care decision was taken by the supreme court of the United States. There is a complete ban on Taxas abortion Law. It is now entirely an illegal act to perform an abortion, even in the case of rape.

Since 1973 the ruling road vs. Wade supreme continually supported Texas abortion law, which safeguarded the woman’s body’s crucial health care decision. 

On 1st September, the supreme court put a huge full stop to abortion. The court included the three justices appointed by the former president Donald Trump, who changed course by voting to authorize a near-total ban on abortion. 

The court indicates futuristic steps to wipe out any challenge that creates questions on the violation of women’s rights. President Biden also expressed his views over the move of the supreme court. 

Ban On Abortion Law: US Women’s reaction over it

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Kerry Washinton | Image by LAWZIK

After the declaration of the ban, thousands of women gathered outside the Texas statehouse in Austin to protest the law.

The women community wants to take a step for themself against the decision taken by the court. They didn’t want to consider it as a community approval discussion. As women have the right over their bodies, any discussion regarding the community’s health care must be approved by the women first. 

The Texas director of policy and advocacy at the national Latina institute for reproductive health- Nancy Cárdenas Peña, expressed her views over the change. 

Why Texas’s Unconstitional Abortion Law can’t be found unconstitutional| The daily show with Trevor Noah

According to her, she was not surprised by the decision taken by the court. She was expecting something similar. She adds that it is a clear indication for everybody what more can happen in the near future. However, she didn’t add a clear view of the case. 

During the conversation, Nancy expressed that the ban will not allow any abortion, even in the cases of rape or incest. Some possibilities arise that some folks may leave the state for their health care. 

But people need to understand that there are internal immigration checkpoints that prevent undocumented people from leaving the state. And a vast majority of people are parents in Texas. 

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1. Texas abortion law passed in?
19 May 2021

2. Do minors need their guardian’s permission to undergo an abortion in Texas?
Answer- Yes, minors need written permission with a signature to have an abortion. In crucial cases, the presence of the parents is also necessary.

3. What is the abortion cost in Texas?
Answer- Depending upon the pregnancy, it will vary from $400 to $3500 to get aborted.

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