Taliban Calls To Regressive Society: Banned Women Entry!

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The Taliban has implemented a measure that is startling as well as disheartening. They have prohibited women from ever again working as flight attendants for Afghanistan’s national flag carrier airline.

Before the entry of Taliban rule, i.e., in March 2021, female cabin workers of ‘Ariana Afghan Airlines’ were ordered to ‘work from home.’ However, reports suggest that the Taliban have already verified that the company would not be permitted any female flights. There will be no provision for the appointment of attendants.

Reports: Taliban have permanently banned women flight attendants | Afghanistan | Latest English News | WION

The most recent set of limitations placed on women comes in the wake of the closure of all secondary schools for females. This order came a few hours after those institutions had been permitted to resume for the first time since the extremist Islamists took control in August.

The Taliban promised a more lenient version of the harsh rule, which seems like the tusks of an elephant. His first ruling was from 1996 to 2001, which was like a semi-harsh zone. Regionally, restrictions have been reinstated at the discretion of local government authorities, who are the core executors. They assured a humanitarian version of the note to progressive society when America handed Afghanistan to them. UN asked for human rights behavior and assistance from the Taliban while transferring power to them.

Women are being forced to dress in accordance with the Taliban’s literal reading of the Quran. They are progressively being prevented from participating in public life. They are not permitted to attend schools or work in most government occupations.

A senior official of Ariana Afghan Airlines signed a letter to his personnel mentioning that no women are permitted to ride on any domestic or international flights without a male relative. This rule applies to both local and foreign flights.

Several media reported that there were several ladies who were denied boarding because they were traveling alone, i.e., without a male relative. According to a media source, an Afghan lady who had a passport from the United States was also denied boarding on a flight to Dubai on Friday, even though the Taliban have already made it illegal for them to conduct vehicle excursions between cities.

When schools reopened, tens of thousands of girls rushed back to attend, but administrators sent them home barely a few hours into the day, which sparked an uproar throughout the globe. 

Despite repeated claims that women would play a significant role in Afghan civic life, the Taliban swiftly removed women from positions of power. In moving toward a regressive society, they limited women’s education access at even the most basic levels.


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