Taiwan Conducts Live-Fire Drills; Following The Persistent Threat Of An Attack From China

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A day after China’s military operations in the Taiwan Strait concluded, Taiwan began its own live-fire drills. According to sources, the Army practiced its defense by firing howitzers and flares throughout the exercise. China has begun its huge military drill that started the previous Monday. This was the consequence of Pelosi’s recent visit to the island nation.

Mainland China conducts military live-fire drills as tensions soar over Pelosi visit to Taiwan | South China Morning Post

Taiwan is constantly threatened by the possibility of an invasion from China. A significant percentage of China believes that the territory that it shares with its neighbor is Chinese territory that ought to be reclaimed one day by whatever means necessary. The arrival of Pelosi has sparked fears in Taiwan that China is using the opportunity to start invasion operations.

In his capacity as a representative for the 8th Army Corps in Taiwan, Lou Woei-jye talks in official settings on behalf of the military. The island nation defends its area with artillery and target flares to ward off any invaders. The Chinese government is opposed to the island’s pursuit of independence. Therefore, it maintains autonomous links to other nations. Despite this, there has been a significant amount of uproar around Pelosi’s presence.

Pingtung County was chosen as the location where the most recent round of military drills was held in Taiwan. However, the Army said that the exercise was pre-planned and unrelated to the military exercises that China was conducting. China has made it clear that it wouldn’t abandon the possibility of using force in its conflict with Taiwan. In light of the fact that tensions in the region are continuing to rise, it was also said that it has the right to take all appropriate actions.

Regularly, Taiwan will carry out military drills that are intended to imitate an intrusion by China. Earlier this month, in one of its major annual exercises, it performed a simulated coordinated interception operation, in which it defended itself against attacks coming from the sea.

Reuters has reported that a confrontation between Taiwanese and Chinese navy boats involving a total of 20 vessels has taken place off the coast of Taiwan. This is because some Chinese boats are attempting to sail through to the center of the canal, which has caused this situation to arise. This line in the ocean serves as an effective boundary between China and Taiwan.

Taiwan’s military exercises are rather little when placed in context with China’s artillery howitzer shooting into international seas. The staging site is located in Pingtung County, which is located in southern Taiwan. Artillery was seen making its way inland from the coast. A side-by-side formation of aligned, armed soldiers could be seen. 

On the live stream, viewers could witness several howitzer rounds being shot into the lake in fast succession. Referring to the troops’ statement, hundreds of troops participated in both of Taiwan’s drills. As per the military’s statement, preparations for these had been made in advance. They in no way followed on from the military exercises that China had been conducting.

The workouts will have a dual purpose. The first is verifying the artillery is in good working order and has been properly maintained. As Lou put it, the second is checking up on last year’s findings. The latest drill followed reports that similar exercises were wrapping up in China. 

Forces reported accomplishing a number of missions in the Taiwan Strait and vowed to keep monitoring the area. As part of its greatest yearly exercises, Taiwan has been practicing coordinated interception operations to fend off assaults from the sea in the previous month.

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