Pakistan Army Commander Killed; The Revenge Of Baloch People!

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The Quetta Corps commander, Lt Gen Sarfraz Ali, is a senior official who leads counterinsurgency operations in the region and guards the border with southern Afghanistan. 

According to reports from Pakistan, the other five victims were Naik Mudasir, Major Saeed, the pilot, and Brigadier Amjad Haneef, the director general of the Coast Guard (crew member).

Six Pak army personnel including Corps Commander killed in Balochistan chopper mishap | Hindustan Times

The helicopter lost touch with the ATC in the Lasbela district, according to the Pakistani military wing ISPR. The Pakistani Army attributed the Balochistan helicopter crash to adverse weather. 6 people were on board the helicopter when it crashed during a flood relief mission.

According to information, the Balochistan Liberation Army, which has not yet released a statement, may have chosen to attack the helicopter because the Quetta Corps commander, a senior official who oversees counter-insurgency operations in the region, and guards the border with south Afghanistan, was on board.

When Lt. Col. Laeeq Mirza was taken into custody, the Baloch Liberation Army’s special force and tactical operation team were conducting an intelligence-based operation close to Ziarat in occupied Balochistan. Lt. Col. Laeeq of the 96L/C belongs to the Pakistani Army’s 12 Azad Kashmir Regiment. In the Pakistan Rangers, he had previously held commanding posts.

He was now in charge of Pak’s military intelligence. The Pakistani Army employed him at DHA Quetta as a cover for his secretary.

From 2018 until 2019, Lt Gen Sarfraz was the military intelligence director general. The honored officers formerly held the position of inspector general of the border corps in South Balochistan in 2020 before being sent to the South Western area.

Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, expressed his concern and asked for prayers for the soldiers. He tweeted, “It is concerning that an Army chopper has vanished from Balochistan. The entire country suppresses Allah Almighty for the protection, security, and safe return of these nation’s sons who traveled to aid flood victims.


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