New CDC Guidelines: The Urgent Need To Change Masking Guidelines?

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In the next 3 minutes of reading we will make you aware of the new CDC guidelines. Why Does CDC Need To Change Masking Guidelines Urgently?The masking rule of CDC.Do vaccines work on delta variants? And People intentions on CDC guidelines.

Covid-19, the word which has become common to hear over the past year and ongoing year. It has been spreading rapidly and making existence miserable.

Covid-19 is seen to be very mutative. Scientists say that it has more upcoming variants in the future. Recently, the Delta variant of the corona virus is recorded in a few countries with a rapid increase in positive cases.

So in these difficult situations, does CDC need to change its masking guidelines? Let’s get to know about it in a few minutes.

The masking rule of CDC: 

 On 14th May, President Joe Biden declared good days for America. He announced that fully vaccinated people can now go outdoors without wearing a mask. He said that the CDC has advised wearing masks isn’t necessary for vaccinated people.

However, on a bigger note, CDC director Rochelle Walensky put forward her words saying that even as the delta variant is driving up in the country, the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention has not changed its masking guidance.

President Joe Biden said that experts are taking care of it. He added ” what they are doing is they are investigating every aspect of any change that could or might take place. We follow science.” 

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Do vaccines work on delta variants? 

The Delta variant is quite strong from other variants till now discovered. Vaccines are made only on the ideology of the variants discovered before the delta variant. Experts mentioned that vaccines are less effective to the delta and other new variants of coronavirus.

The mRNA vaccines are about 72% to 75% effective against coronavirus while Johnson’s and Johnson’s vaccines are only 57% effective against the infection. This is leaving more than half of vaccinated people unsafe to the virus.

The Delta virus can be a danger to people who are fully vaccinated. 83% of new covid cases have been recently seen in States by the upgrowth of delta variant.

No doubt, vaccination is the best tool to fight covid but masking is indeed needed for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

People intentions on CDC guidelines: 

It is a given that nobody wants to return to a painful and isolated life. With the release of revised guidelines from the CDC, people are going outdoors without masks as they get some freedom from the masked world. 

With the release of revised guidelines by the CDC in may, many Americans were excited and relieved. The guidelines were based on the idea that vaccines are highly effective for coronavirus. If vaccinated, there is no need for people to wear a mask. However, the no-mask guideline has not been forging out well. 

With the outbreak of delta variant, the message Americans got that, vaccinated or not, masks are gone for good. People are going outdoors carefree. But if this continues, it would be impossible for the government to stop the delta variant from causing a massacre.

Los Angeles recently began imposing even vaccinated individuals to wear masks as the covid cases reached the maximum. From the experience, it is difficult to bring back the mask guidelines when the situations are inevitable.

While vaccines have been proved highly effective, the delta variant is considered to be more contagious than that. However, the risk of dying of vaccinated people affected by delta variants is minimal, even if the vaccines are less effective for delta variants. Many people have a mindset of not getting vaccinated.

However, if people don’t take vaccines, there won’t be any building of herd immunity. And with the revised CDC guidelines, as mentioned earlier, people believe that whether vaccinated or not, there is no need of wearing masks. So, there is an urgent need for CDC to change the masking guidelines. 


We have two primary options to save ourselves: vaccination and masking. With the increasing fear of isolation and lockdown, we should be careful of all coronavirus variants. Even if fully vaccinated people should go around wearing masks to lower the risk of getting infected. 

Given the rapid increase of corona variants, CDC should change the guidelines for masking. There are spots where positive cases are rising but the vaccination rate is low.

The ‘no more need to wear mask’ guideline should only be enforced after vaccination rates reach a maximum level. So wherever you go, have a mask on. Stay safe, stay healthy. 


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