McDonald Announced Its Reopening In Ukraine

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In the next few months, the American fast-food brand McDonald’s will begin the process of reopening some of its outlets in Ukraine as a gesture of solidarity. This comes after McDonald’s withdrew its operations from Russia. As a response to Moscow’s invasion of the eastern European nation of Ukraine in March, the largest burger chain in the world shut down all of its locations in both countries.

There are over 110 McDonald’s outlets spread throughout Ukraine. Despite closing the chain’s stores, the company has not stopped paying its workers.

McDonald’s plans to reopen in Ukraine | Latest World News | WION

Richard and Maurice McDonald established the first restaurant during the onset of the second world war, i.e., 1940. It later led to the formation of the McDonald’s Corporation. It has now evolved into a worldwide fast food chain with its headquarters in the US. It is the biggest restaurant chain in the world measured by sales, with 37,855 locations spread over more than 100 countries and serving more than 69 million people every day.

McDonald’s recently announced that it would progressively reopen certain locations in western Ukraine and the capital city of Kyiv. These areas are home to a number of other American enterprises, such as Nike and KFC. The Spanish apparel company-’Mango’ also has its outlet situated there. The decision was taken following discussions with Ukrainian government officials, security experts, and other vendors.

The civil conflict in Ukraine has inflicted considerable damage on the country’s economy, and as a result, the International Monetary Fund anticipates that the GDP will contract by 35% this year. As a result of the violent fighting, a number of international businesses, like McDonald’s, decided to suspend their activities in Ukraine. Pomroy’s letter mentioned that several enterprises in Kyiv and western Ukraine had recently reopened their doors for business.

Since the time Russia attacked Ukraine, McDonald’s has made the decision to shut down its outlets in Russia permanently. The corporation has begun the process of reopening and rebranding Russian outlets after selling them to the dealers available to expand the business. The new name for the establishments has been chosen. It is called “Vkusno & Tochka,” which translates to “tasty, and that’s it,” and the firm has also changed its logo.

McDonald’s made the decision to close hundreds of outlets in Russia during the conflict period in the month of March, which resulted in monthly losses of around $55 million for the corporation. The corporation “de-arched” had left a well-established market for the first time during the turbulent period when it sold several restaurants in the Russian market. The departure of McDonald’s from the Russian market signified the end of an era.

Alexander Govor, who owned a license for 25 McDonald’s vendors in Siberia, has begun the process of reviving old McDonald’s outlets. He named it ‘moniker Vkusno-i Tochka,’ which means Tasty-period in English. The conviction that this will contribute to a modest but significant feeling of normality has become stronger over the last several months. In addition, authorities in Ukraine have said that the nation’s economy and its people would benefit from firms. Thus, they have planned to restart their activities.

The proposal to reopen was described as a “political choice” by the Minister of Foreign Affairs- Dmytro Kuleba. He mentioned that millions of Ukrainians had been pining for Big Macs. Experts are watching this move as a way of generating employment opportunities during this moment of Russian aggression. The taxes that will be collected from the event’s spouse are also essential to the Ukrainian economy’s survival.

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