Imran Khan Imposes Taxes On Condoms- Furious Bilawal Bhutto

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Population explosion has become a global crisis. Countries are taking all possible measures and steps to slow down the expansion of the population. The Finance Bill 2021 was brought up on Wednesday in the National Assembly by the PTI government led by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who imposed 17% GST on 144 goods. These goods also include contraceptives and condoms. 

During this mini-budget, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari attacked Imran Khan by calling him a “Khiladi” and claiming that his government would bring up a ‘tsunami of tax.’ He exclaimed that the imposing of taxes on contraceptives and condoms was least expected from the Prime Minister, who is himself a playboy. 

The population is exploding in countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. According to Bhutto, the government will soon start facing problems arranging the necessities of life for the exploding population. Moreover, countless cases of STDs such as HIV and AIDS go unreported. It makes the situation of Pakistan even worst. In such a scenario, contraceptives are promoted in every corner of the world; Pakistan imposes taxes on them, making them unavailable or less available for the commoner. 

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Bilawal Bhutto | Image by Lawzik

This taxation on condoms has led to a widespread upsurge in the entire nation. If we look into the personal life of Imran Khan, he has been indulging in physical relationships with many women besides his wives. Moreover, he has been tied into 4 marriages officially. Furthermore, he also promotes the burqa system and calls it a method of safeguarding women from rapes.

Besides these, Imran Khan’s colorful memories during his life as a cricketer feature him kissing many foreign ladies with little clothing. Thus, Imran Khan’s taxing on contraceptives and baby food will directly shoot the poor sections of society.

Besides contraceptives, he has also imposed taxes on other necessities of humans. This will, undoubtedly, lead to high inflation in prices thereby affecting the middle and lower sections.


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