How Can You Get A Gun License In India?

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Have you ever thought of owning a gun like in the movies? I’m sure everyone has had similar thoughts but is it possible to obtain a gun? Especially in countries like India, where it seems like a fleeting dream. Unlike what many people believe, a person can get a gun license quickly in India. It is even possible to say that getting a gun in India is safer than in America. According to the Arms Act of 1959 and the Arms Rules of 1962, Arms Rules 1962, and Arms Rule 2016, there are rules and a very detailed procedure for acquiring a license to own a gun in India explained in this article.

How to get Gun Licence in India | Arms Act 1959 | StudyIQ IAS

Kinds Of Arms Which The General Public In India Can hold

Firstly, what kind of arms can the civilians in India take licenses for? According to the Act mentioned above, The Arms Act, 1959, the general public of India can only own arms that come under the Non-Prohibited Bore category, including handguns of caliber .35, .32, .22, and .380. A few exceptions of this Act are government officials, officers, and professional shooters, who are allowed to purchase weapons from the Prohibited Bore category.

Another note is that a person cannot have more than three arms in their possession.

Eligibility Criteria To Hold A Gun License In India

The eligibility criteria to obtain a gun license in India is that people should be of or above the age of twenty-one. According to law, civilians imprisoned based on violence can not purchase a gun for five years after release. 

Other criteria include that they must be a citizen of India and show the reasons for purchasing a gun license. The reasons for obtaining a gun license include self-defense, sports training, security agencies, and training.

There is also a policy where ancestral heirlooms can pass on a license through traditional heirlooms. The heirloom includes the licensee’s wife, husband, son, or daughter, and the civilian should give the weapon upon his death on the condition that the person can handle the gun and the licensee has held it for 25 years. 

Documents Required To Get A Gun License In India

To obtain a gun license, these are documents to be shown or held in possession: four passport-size photos of the applicant, birth certificate, residence document, Aadhar Card, passport/pan card, educational certification, physical fitness certificate, F.I.R. reports/sports certificate, etc. 

With these documents, the next step is applying for a gun license. 

Procedure To Obtain A Gun License In India

The procedure for the acquisition of a gun license is through the following steps:

1. The civilian must fill out an application for obtaining the license and submitted to the licensing authority along with the prescribed fee. A civilian must apply the license to their respective D.C.P. (Licensing) for people living in cities. And in non-metro cities, people need to apply to their local Sub-divisional Magistrate.

2. On receiving the application, the licensing authority will call for an inquiry about the applicant’s background and any past criminal record during the last five years. People with past criminal records or evil characters will not be granted licenses.

3. After the documents have been verified and the police check is done, there will be a medical check-up by a certified physician for any knowledge on physical or mental illness. Next in the line will be a personal interview with the D.C.P. After this, the D.C.P. will send reports to the national crime records bureau to get the applicant’s clearance. 

If everything is cleared up and found to be genuine, the civilian will get the gun license. The licensee must pre-order their required gun from an authorized gun dealer before getting the license.

Cost Of Obtaining A Gun License In India

The cost of obtaining a gun license depends on the type of weapon a person requires.

For handguns like revolvers/pistols, the license fee will be RS 1000. The same can be said for centerfire rifles (semi-automatic and non-semi-automatic.) The license cost will be the same for bore rim rifles and smooth bore breech-loading shotguns. 

Validity Of A Gun License In India

A gun license’s validity is three years from its activation date. The license can also be granted for a shorter period if the person requires it. For this, the authorities must also approve the request. It is appropriate if the license is renewed a month before expiry because this allows the administration to renew it quicker and the person to get it back sooner. On occasion, the authorities might themselves ask for the renewal during the renewal period for recording purposes. 

Procedure To Apply For Gun License Renewal In India

The process for renewal of a gun license is based on the following steps:

  • First, fill out the renewal application.  
  • The original firearm license/permit needs to be submitted as well. 
  • Next, the application submission must be submitted (with the supporting documentation) to the police station in your area. 
  • The supporting documentation includes the documents shown for the initial acquisition of a gun license.
  • The holder must also produce the firearm/weapon at the time of renewal. 
  • Please note that the renewal application must be made a month before expiry.
  • The renewal will occur immediately, and the authority will hand in the license with the necessary remarks. 
  • The fees for renewal vary from state to state.
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Provisions Of Suspension Of Your Gun License

Suspension of a gun license means that your license has been temporarily revoked or stopped using.

The authority may suspend your license based on the following: 

• If the license holder is found to have mental instability.

• Non-acceptable reasons under the relevant Arms Act.

• If, according to the license, any condition was violated or 

• If the licensee has failed to deliver within the time specified in the notice under section 17 of the Act.

• A court can suspend a holder’s license if they are under them as convicts. 

• Whenever any licensing authority suspends a license, recording the reasons and providing the holder with the same must be done unless the authority feels that the licensee’s statement does not hold public interest. On suspension, the license holder has to surrender the license to the authority responsible.

A Word From Lawzik

There’s no doubt that acquiring a gun is a pretty straightforward process. If a person has valid reasons to own a gun, a license is ready to be handed to them based on their case. A person needs to be quite aware of the procedure, the precautions, and all the laws revolving around owning a gun. And while possessing a weapon, their mental and physical health is a priority, for they can pose a problem to themselves and others if it is not in good condition. On behalf of LAWZIK, we say get proper guidance and awareness before, during, and after owning a gun license.

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