Gender Equality On A Photoshoot? No! It’s Ranveer Singh!

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Indian constitution guarantees the rights of clothing through Article 15(1), Article 15(3), and Article 21, and it is available equally to both men and women. At this point, a new photo of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh posted for Paper magazine on social media catches the news. In the majority of the photos, the actor posed from his recent nude photoshoot while lying on a Turkish rug.

Two requests to register an FIR against Ranveer Singh for hurting the sensibilities of women by posting nude photos on social media were submitted to Mumbai Police earlier this week. A woman lawyer and an office-bearer of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) each submitted a separate complaint application to the Chembur police station. The actor of Bollywood has been accused of violating Sections 292, 293 & 509 of the IT Act 2022 of the Parliament of India, according to the FIR (First Information Report) filed against him.

Ranveer Singh Photoshoot | Did Ranveer Singh Insult Women’s Modesty? | PlainSpeak | English News | CNN-News18

Globally, there are many different rules about clothing. People who wear clothes that are not socially acceptable are often persecuted because the community norms on clothing style are indirectly imposed. Its following has become a rule book over time.

Different acts, such as public indecency, indecent exposure, and others that involve exposing a specific body part, such as genitalia, buttocks, anus, or nipples on women, with a specific intention or effect, such as being sexually suggestive, offending, or bothering onlookers are illegal in India. This is because fundamental rights are not absolute, and it is subject to the restriction on the grounds of public morality.

The right to clothing is similarly recognized under Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). But then, openness with respect to clothing is a subjective concept that is built on the conscience and consensus of the particular community, as in India.

While many people admired the actor’s audacious and creative behavior during the photo shoot, many others were upset by the “obscene” pictures the actor put on his Instagram account. Lawyer files FIR stating, ‘Crossed all limits.’ While Ram Gopal Varma reacted: ‘If women can show off their sexy bodies, why can’t men?’

On one side, where gender equality based on clothing is once again under the scanner of court, on the other side, netizens are mulling over the matter of public morality and Indian culture. 


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