Draupadi Murmu Oath Ceremony: The future of India in New hands

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Born in 1958, Draupadi Murmu took charge of the magnificent president’s house on 25th July 2022. From Rairangpur to Raisina Hill, honorable Murmu has emerged from a party volunteer to school teacher to the president of the largest democracy in the world. 

We have heard PM Modi’s address at the 76th annual UN General Assembly, where he quoted, ‘democracy has delivered.’ Honorable Murmu’s oath to the president is a fine example of being the first tribal president of the country, as it symbolizes that democracy has reached all sections of society. Currently, all the top three positions in the Indian parliamentary system, viz. president, vice president, and prime minister, are occupied by persons who were born after 1947. Getting into the broader picture of the oath ceremony, the panel also has an eminent jurist born in an independent India, Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana, who had highlighted the role of media and its significance as the 4th pillar of democracy a few days back. 

President-elect Draupadi Murmu’s Oath Taking Ceremony | BQ Prime

As a new hand with the NDA regime, Honorable Draupadi is now ready to shape the country’s vision together. How is it so? The answer lies in Murmu’s political and personal journey. As a councilor, she worked at the grassroots level. Being a direct coordinator of the Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 or PESA, she has strengthened the rural provinces in the Jharkhand state. Personally belonging to the santhali family, she is well enough to comprehend and empathize with the laws, regulations, and reforms related to scheduled areas and autonomous districts. 

The future of India in these new hands can be seen through the gist of Murmu’s speech. It marked the AMRITKAL vision with two tracks: “EVERYONE’s EFFORT and EVERYONE’s DUTY’. India’s glorious future depends on eradicating the poor, food security, social cohesion and tolerance, environmental care, and sustainable and equitable use of technology and resources.   

Murmu has emphasized that the poor and backward class can link themselves to her victory. She symbolizes like space and scope for the needy and the left-out people holding the country’s highest constitutional posts. She is acting as a hallmark for social mobility and social capillarity. Let’s take an example from the biodiversity conservation amendment act -2021; Honorable president can fill the loopholes of the act by using its power and position, which is achieved by stopping the overutilization of forest resources and the issues related to bio-piracy. Thus being an active president, she can use her executive and legislative power to the development of the country.

With all new hands holding the 25-year vision for India, they have faced lots of hardship and common person’s problems in their journey, so it is correct to say that they have the potential to uplift the country by eradicating the hurdles of growth such as middlemen, leakages, debt trap, and problems related to connectivity, communication, and accessibility. Though the president’s power is limited in the Indian form of democracy, she still has a wide scope to insert a booster engine in the wagon of progressive India. 

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