‘Coleen Rooney’ Won Over ‘Rebekah Vardy’ In Court But Was Not Satisfied!

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Significant portions of Ms. Vardy’s testimony, according to Mrs. Justice Steyn, were unreliable, and some of it was “implausible” and “manifestly incongruous” with the facts.

Coleen Rooney was “pleased” with the decision out from the court but “never thought” the issue should have gone to trial in such a circumstance which is a difficult period for so many people when the money might have been far better used to aid others. She had never sought out or desired such a scenario. In the year 2019, she took every attempt to prevent the necessity for such a protracted and well-watched court battle both before and after her social media remarks. Ms. Vardy rebuffed all of her attempts to do so.

Coleen Rooney wins Wagatha Christie court case against Rebekah Vardy | Evening Standard

In May 2020, October 2020 & January 2021, Rooney said she made efforts to resolve matters, but these were all “in vain.” She then added that she had “no doubt this litigation, whatever the outcome, will benefit neither Becky nor myself.”

Beginning in 2017, Rooney’s personal Instagram account started to be exposed. They persisted for over two years, violating her and her family’s privacy, and then the case came in October 2019. The level of self-deception on vardy’s part is clearly exposed in 2022. 

Caroline Watt was unable to give evidence from the side of Rebekah Vardy because her mobile phone had fallen into the North Sea while she was filming the coast of Scotland from a boat. Justice on the bench denied accepting the argument of Mr. Watt, calling it a false note that “would be shown to be untrue.” 

In an effort to catch the leaker of details about her private life, Coleen Rooney set up 17 bogus Instagram stories on her personal account. Posts that stated her home had flooded and that she was pursuing a reality television role were among the fake information. The bogus tweets included deceptive claims that she was launching an events business and planning a housewarming celebration. Two of these stories later appeared in “The Sun,” according to testimony given in court.

According to the verdict, Coleen has been somewhat deceitful about the depth of her involvement. She has been somewhat justified in feeling resentful at how occasionally her role has been exaggerated during the legal proceedings. 


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