Car Modification Laws Of India

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Car Modification Laws of India

After many years, have you made your dream come true? I have bought a new car. Yes, that is an outstanding achievement in one life. Everyone does a have dreamed of buying a new car during their carrier. Buying a car and saving money for a long time also makes us feel proud. 

Owning a car is a special kind of feeling despite the brand, color, whether it is a new one or a second-handed car, but it always makes you happy to the fullest. How many cars you buy in your life but none can take the place of the first bought car, it is always precious .you can never forget it at any time. It becomes your best friend and maybe also your soul mate.

This Indian Law BANNED Car Mods! | Donut Media

Now, after buying a car, what is the first thing you do? 

We change it or modify it according to our tastes, wishes, opinions, and suggestions our family members give. To make it look nice and even more attractive. You can’t simply get it done when you want to modify your car. Before going for a car modification, you need to know and follow some laws, rules, and regulations.

Especially in India, you must go through all the rules and regulations to avoid getting in trouble in the future.

1. Some Modifications In India Are Legal

Yes, there are many modifications allowed in India and are legal. The basic spare parts and the accessories can still be get modified legally. The modifications done based on the safety of your car are also approved by the government legally.

Let’s see a few categories of the Legal modifications done in India.

  1. Color Modification: You can transform the color of the vehicle according to your choices. But be sure that the RTO department should approve the color you choose.
  • Basic Tiny Modification: Basic and tiny addition of accessories like, for example, door protectors, Superchargers installations, Exhaust system changes, preferred stickers for decorations, etc. These are legally accepted and allowed.
  • Tyre modification: Usually, the car manufacturers allot a range from the base variant to the top model variant. You can choose from this to modify the tires of your car.
  • Modification of the Engine: Before you change your engine, you should be aware of the protocols of the RTO department. The engine can only be changed with the prior permission provided by the RTO department. Otherwise, RTO might cancel your registration.
  • Headlights modification: HID lamps are strictly prohibited by the Supreme Court of India because it directly enters the driver’s eyes from the opposite side. Since it is highly dangerous and might lead to accidents, LEDs and auxiliary lamps are safe. They are permitted and are legally approved.

2. There Are Some Modification Of Car In India that Are Illegal

Any activity done against or not according to /not sanctioned by the official rules of the government is meant to be illegal. Accordingly, car modification is not a simple process; few car modifications are not permitted by the country and are against the law. Also, modifications are done other than those provided by the manufacturers are illegal.

Let’s Have A Glance At A Few Illegal Modifications Of Car

  1. Usage of high volume horns: The basic rule is to have a loudness of a maximum of 100 decibels and not more than that. This rule was made to prevent the noise pollution created by the horns of vehicles.
  • The diameter / the breadth of the Tyres: Usually, to make your car look better, we try to change the tires with a larger breadth, but it pokes out /projects your body of the car in a bigger size. It is not allowed to an extent. It is highly illegal.
  • The broadness/the length of the vehicle: Everyone wants a car with a wide range, like a Limo. But that is not applicable in all cases and is not allowed by the government. This activity is illegal.
  • Windows Tinting: The Supreme Court of India strictly prohibits a tinted car window. Visual light transmission (VLT) usage on your car’s windscreen is illegal. Only the permitted tinted windows by the manufacturers are also allowed with few conditions.
  • Higher Capacity Engine Modification: Only with the manufacturers’ specifications can one modify an engine to a higher quality for an efficient experience. But without the specifications of the manufacturers, one cannot modify it. This is highly insecure and illegal as well.

3. Car Modification Companies In India

Let’s Look At a Few Custom Modifiers Of A Car In India

  1. DC DESIGNS (MUMBAI): Dilip Chhabria (DC) is known for its exceptional style of remodeling of cars. Their concepts are attractive and fashion statements. Off-roading lovers choose THE THAR URBAN MOD. If you have a FORTUNER, you are called the FORTUNATE. The ERTIGA as the SUZUKI R3. THE URBAN AMBASSADOR, AMBIEROD, and many more.
  • B.ASHISH MODIFICATIONS (AHMEDABAD): Their specialty is many, but specifically, Food Truck Modification concepts are unique where a kitchen is fitted inside a vehicle. MAHINDRA THAR MODIFICATION in both interior and exterior. They are specialized in it.
  • SD OFFROADERS (JALANDHAR): They have a variety of new cars and catalogs. Before buying the vehicle, you can also ask for a test drive. It is rated four by Nice Local users. The budget, style, and the local road are all considered and designed accordingly.
  • EXECUTIVE MODCAR TRENDZ (MUMBAI): They have unique innovations for automobile lovers. They satisfy the passion of the customers. An elegantly designed lounge fit is luxuriously hand-made for the customers.
  • O2 GARAGE (KOLLAM): It is considered one of the leading dealers for car accessories. They have a range of products and services to meet with various requirements of the customers. They answer any queries on the spot and readily.


The Supreme Court of India has made vehicle modification an illegal act. But not all kinds of alterations to the car that you make are against the law. You can still modify your car with the protocols followed and prior permission from the RTO department. Take time and give a glance at the rules and regulations that are to be followed. You can still make many modifications that the government legally approves according to your choice. 

Give your car a new look and make your life royal and loyal. Be aware of the insurance and warranty of the car. Once you have made the changes, do inform the insurance company about the modifications. Therefore any major modifications / any alterations done are strictly illegal and are banned in India. 

Do have all the registrations certificate of the vehicle safe for incase of future clarification. Be a Motorhead always. Drive till you reach your perfect destination. Big dreams always have a small beginning.

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