75 Years Of Independence – Achievement

Independence Day of India

 At midnight of the 14th and 15th, we made a tryst with destiny; Nehru’s words glorified the long struggle of the fight for independence. The nation was unstable; poverty, social ills, discrimination, exploitation, and illiteracy were widespread throughout the nation,…

Insurance Policies And Laws Of India

Insurance Policies and Laws Of India

We all are familiar from our birth that our whole life is bound with an unforeseen situation, anything and anywhere things can take unusual turns out of the blue. For this kind of, various Insurance policies has been brought up…

Car Modification Laws Of India

Car modification laws of India

IS IT LEGAL TO MODIFY CARS? WHAT CAR MODIFICATIONS ARE LEGAL? WHAT CAR MODIFICATIONS ARE ILLEGAL? CAR MODIFYING COMPANIES OF INDIA. Car Modification Laws of India After many years, have you made your dream come true? I have bought a…

Martial Law In The United States

Martial Law In The United States

Martial law is generally implemented when a nation incurs civil unrest, in a time of national crisis, or is in a state of war. It is a temporary imposition by the nation’s military force for that particular country’s civilians. It…