Anne Heche Left Us; A Week After Sustaining A Car Crash

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Anne Heche, who was 53 years old, was involved in a car accident and died on August 12 as a result of the severe brain damage she sustained, according to a statement released by Heche’s lawyers and published by Newsweek.

The American actress Anne Heche was involved in an automobile accident on Friday, August 5, in the city of Los Angeles, which after affected in her to suffer severe burns. Her relatives said that her condition was quite serious and that she was now unconscious. She’s being kept alive by artificial means so that her organs may be harvested for donation.

Anne Heche “not expected to survive” injuries suffered in car crash | CBS Mornings

The actress is said to have had brain damage as a result of the accident, and it was previously believed that she would not survive the incident. According to the official statement that her agent released following the accident, Anne had major anoxic brain damage due to the incident. She was placed into a coma as a result.

When she was caught in an accident, the police of Los Angeles said that she had been involved in drug abuse, as reported by NBC News. The actress from “Donnie Brasco” has made the decision to donate her organs in the event that she passes away.

Anne’s enormous heart and kind nature left an impression on everyone she came into contact with. She has always considered the promotion of joy and compassion to be her most important mission in life, even more so than her incomparable talent. She has especially focused on encouraging others to embrace themselves and the people they love. Her fearless and unfiltered honesty has always been a shining example to the masses.

Heche was seen in a number of movies in the decade of 1990s, some of which included ”Donnie Brasco, ”Six Days”, ”Seven Nights”, and also performed in ”I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Anne’s role in the television series- ”Another World” flipped her into a household name. The Daytime Emmy Award in 1991 was awarded for her work in this field. In the 1990s, she was also in the public eye due to the strength of her friendship with Ellen DeGeneres.

Heche is perhaps well known for her act in the film version of the famous Alfred Hitchcock novel Psycho, which reviewers largely derided. Her most recent projects were the psychological suspense film The Vanished, which was released on Netflix, and the tornado suspense film 13 Minutes, which Peter Facinelli directed.

Anne will soon make an appearance in the drama Girl in Room 13, which is about human trafficking, as well as the horror film Full Ride, which she will feature in with Dermot Mulroney.

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