Afghan Taliban Conflict 2021, And Should India Worry About It?

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It all started twenty years back in 2001. After the 9/11 attacks on America .US president George W Bush led the US Army invaded Afghanistan to wipe out Al-qaeda and search for Osama Bin Laden. Taliban was also in the hit list of the United States as it was supporting the terror outfits. (Afghan Taliban)

But after 20 years of War and bloodshed. Recently America started withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of battle with the Taliban.

President Joe Biden said America will pull out all of its military completely on 11 September 2021 by marking the anniversary of 9/11.

But recently , the US army vacated the Bagram air base in Afghanistan overnight without any notice and without informing the Base commander from Afghan military.

Bagram was the largest military installation in Afghanistan for the US troops .This flooded the media with questions.

Taliban claimed 85% of land just after US military started to leave Afghanistan

Taliban started invading many areas in Afghanistan after US troops started to pull out. It caused massive outrage among citizens of Afghanistan as they were left to fight the deadly terrorist group alone.

The Taliban started seizing military vehicles and weapons that the American forces left behind for the Afghan Army.

How other countries responded to the Afghan Taliban Conflicts

Statement from USA

US president Joe Biden recently said in a press briefing that ‘American troops were not deployed in Afghanistan for nation building ‘ . He also said that he will not send the American troops back to Afghanistan for another war.

He also mentioned that it’s the soul responsibility of the Citizens of Afghanistan to build their nation according to their vision.

Statement from Russia

Russia gave warning to Taliban by saying that it must not harm the security of Central Asian allies to which Taliban replied their actions won’t give any harm to Russia. Also recently Russia warned USA to not to deploy troops in Central Asia after withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Russian Deputy ambassador to India Roman Babushkin said that ‘India must see the Taliban as any other society present in Afghanistan’.

Statement from China

China suggested the Taliban to ‘cut clear’ all ties with terrorist forces and return to clean politics , this comes after the Taliban said that they want China to invest in Afghanistan and work for the development of Afghanistan.

Taliban also assured total security of the Chinese in Afghanistan.

Statement from Afghan government

After a number of peace talks that failed , finally the Afghan government is now preparing to reduce the chances of a civil war in Afghanistan. Recently the Afghan vice president accused pakistan of supporting the Taliban with the help of its air force to which Pakistan completely denied the claim.

Recently in a cabinet meeting , Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani said that Taliban cannot make the Afghan government surrender in the next 100 years. He also said the supporters of Taliban are the reason for bloodshed in the country.

Statement from India 

India decided to stand with Afghanistan in these bad times. Also Indian foreign minister S. Jaishankar met Afghanistan president in Tashkent to discuss the Taliban.

Should India worry about the uprising of the Afghan Taliban Conflict ?

Recently a Taliban spokesperson warned India to not to give military assistance to Kabul and rest India can carry on their reconstruction work here in Afghanistan peacefully once Taliban comes into power and makes a government.

Also India has recently evacuated about 50 officials from the consulate in Kandahar due to security threat by the Taliban . It was the third Indian consulate to get closed since April 2020.

Indian government is also worried about the security of Indian nationals staying in Afghanistan currently.

India has invested a lot in the reconstruction of Afghanistan after the war and also India is committed to further developments in the region in the near future too. The scenario is getting worse with the Taliban uprising in the country.

Last year the Taliban said that Kashmir is India’s internal matter but still there’s a possibility of a rise in terrorist activities in the Kashmir region if the Taliban seizes more important regions in Afghanistan. But it’s still unclear and there are no strong arguments to support this statement.


So now it’s still not clear what will happen next but the chances of civil war in Afghanistan was getting more and more clear as the Taliban is taking over important patches of land in Afghanistan killing Afghan security personnel and civilians brutally.

The global cooperation might prove fruitful in this matter but still there is no clear Declaration of peace.


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