A Complete Interview Guidelines

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If someone thinks he can learn every sort of skill, prepare for every question and situation before an interview. Then it’s practically impossible. So you have to follow some interview guidelines.

One of the real motives for an interview is to know the personality of the interviewee. Because the interviewer itself knows that nobody can answer every question. But, they are going to test how someone will deal with the questions he doesn’t know.

What is going to happen with a person in an interview?(Refer to the interview guidelines)

What a person is from outside can be seen by everyone. But what he is from inside can be judged from his conversation.

Ultimately, the conversation and the documentations will decide the complete result of the interview.

So let’s dig a little deeper in the contents of the interview guidelines.

Expected parameters to be judged in an interview:

Educational Background:- This is the very first thing the company is interested to know about.

It is the important screening criteria for some interviews. As prescribed in the interview guidelines.

Communication Skill:- The way he communicates with the officials. The fluency and decorum he maintains in your language.
Past Experience:- The amount of experience someone is having for the particular field I.e. the professional level.
External professionally times the book is also judged by its cover I.e. The external look is a part of your presentation.
Personal Life:- Sometimes the company wants to know someone more personally rather than professionally. To understand his future behavior with his colleagues.

What should someone prepare according to interview guidelines?

Research about the job and the company

Every interviewer loves to know about the interviewee’s research and views regarding their company. There is a possibility that a hated person may face a question regarding this. What makes the candidate join their particular company?

The person also gets to know what the company is about and its process. So that he can set a particular level for himself.

Do healthy research about the job requirements and job description very well. Make sure you have the required skills for the post. If not, at least gain a soft knowledge about the requirements which he lacks.

Prepare the required documents

The candidate must have all documents to prove his skills. All the educational certificates, skills certificates, and all the legal documents required claiming the personal information.

  • Keep the following documents ready
  • Education Certificates
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Address Proof
  • Caste / religious certificate
  • Permanent Account Number(PAN)
  • Skill Certificates
  • Experience Certificate

Dress Code

You should maintain professional attire. Avoid wearing bright colors. Perfect light color. For men, a tie, light color shirt, with formal pants and if possible a blazer.
For women, neat clean attire. A light shirt, pencil skirt, and a blazer.

Keep the dress code simple yet professional. Avoid too modern attire. Avoid jeans, jackets, or over-modern getup.

The Day Of Interview

Positive and confident:-
The biggest enemy of the candidate during the interview is nervousness. It can destroy your preparation. The candidate can’t give his 100 percent in the interview. Be confident and positive.

Time Management:-
Never be late for an interview. Because any sort of excuse will not work. Keep the problem in mind like, wake up late, busy traffic, personal problems. One should keep at least one in his hand. Try to reach before 30 mins at the venue.

Dress up:-
Keep the attire clean and as per the professional level. Make sure the dress should not get dirty before the interview. It may not be a new cloth but at least keep it clean and well pressed.

Final Recheck:-
The candidate should check whether he has all the documents ready or not. Preparation should be done as per the plan. And evaluate and review every entity required for the interview.


Before the interview, the person needs to be prepared for the interview. During the interview, he should maintain a calm and placid attitude. He should not show off or exaggerate anything. All the questions should be answered honestly.

The most important asset is confidence. However, one should not act out to be overconfident.

Overconfidence leads to mistakes which creates an impression in the minds of the interviewers.

Even if one is unable to answer any question, he should not panic. It often happens that interviewers check the problem-solving cities of the candidate.

They knowingly put him into tough situations testing his patience and tolerance.

However, a calm attitude here will be a boon. With proper preparation and calmness, one can easily go through the interview with the best results

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