75th Year Of Independence: Development In The Sub Continent

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The independence era started with the end of British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Independence was a gift to the citizens of India, earned by Freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives selflessly for the liberty and independence of the country. With time, India has overcome the country’s plight during the early stages of independence.  

The government, bureaucrats, and the citizens of India together fight against social, economic, and political distress and finally achieve a progressive, modern, and self-sustaining India. Gandhi’s vision was enshrined in India’s democratic nation, and development has accelerated in the country. Development was not a minute job; rather, it was the continuous process of advancing the nation with technological, intracultural, and welfare development.

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In the field of family welfare, India is progressing day by day. The planning of birth, children’s health, and family health have benefited the nation with a noticeable reduction in the mortality rate. Advancements in health facilities and the availability of vaccines and medicines led to an increase in the life expectancy rate of citizens in India, raising the bar to the age of 70.19 years. During the time pandemic, the Indian government distributed not only free vaccines in the country but also helped many countries by providing vaccines.

 With the slogans of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, the social ills of gender discrimination were challenged. Education became the key to freedom from the narrow-minded thinking that existed in Indian society. Mid-day meals lead to an increase in the number of children enrolled in school. Similarly, many such initiatives resulted in the development of little minds and created a nation of virtue and knowledge.

Ambedkar’s idea of upliftment of deprived classes and the initiatives to improve the condition of women in the society in the post-independence era helped in getting rid of discrimination. Reservation policies in education and employment for socially disadvantaged classes eliminate social discrimination among the different castes. The notion of equality was implemented in society, and the nation became a fair place to live in.  

Nehru’s idea of development in post-independence is the main cause behind the economic development in India. Industries, technological development, small businesses, and the commencement of machinery supported the Indian economy. This also provided employment to people and hence contributed to the economy.

The underdeveloped country is now rapidly developing. Prosperity and people’s well-being are the government’s main prime objectives. The condition of India is yet to improve, but still, it’s a nation of glory and is flourishing every minute. On this 75th Independence Day, let’s celebrate the growth of India in all aspects of development and salute the working force behind nation-building.

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