2 Child Policy: The Latest Uttar Pradesh Population Draft Bill 2021

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Recently Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government introduced a Population Draft Bill or 2-child policy.

Which was yet to become a law as public. Suggestions about the bill will be welcomed till June 19 2021.

After that further processes will be executed. This bill focusses on 2 child policy and population control.

Any citizen of UP violating the rules of this bill (having more than 2 children) shall face consequences which are mentioned below.

Contesting local body polls or local elections will be prohibited.

They will not get any government job in Uttar Pradesh state government.

No extra Ration facility for extra children

Facility of government subsidies will also be prohibited.

Benefits Of following The Population Bill Of 2 Child Policy

The government of Uttar Pradesh also introduced new incentives and benefits for the citizens who will adopt the 2 child policy .

Two additional increments during government service.

Maternity and Paternity leave of 12 months with full salary and allowances.

Certain relaxation in electricity and water bills ( to be decided by the government)

A 3% increase in employees provident fund.

Subsidised purchase of plot or land.

If the parent of a child opts for vasectomy, he/she will be eligible for free medical facilities till the age of 20.

Those who aren’t government employees and still adhere to two-child policy will get benefits in rebates in taxes on water, housing, home loans etc.

Also couples who will opt for voluntary sterilization will get rewards.

Why this 2 Child policy bill is Important?

India is expected to cross China in next one decade in terms of population to become the most populous country in the world.

Meanwhile putting extensively high pressures and burden on resources , job structure

And other factors such as inequality in society in terms of opportunities.

To keep the population growth in check and to stabilise the fast growing population.

Uttar Pradesh , a state with the highest population count among all states of India has decided to take serious steps to control and stabilise the population growth .

This bill was entirely proposed for the decade 2021-2030 .

As previously China also followed a Population control policy.

But recently they needed to change it as the working young population was in decline in China due to that policy.

But due to variation in fertility rates in different states of India , the states with high fertility rates might carry out with this type of law to control their overburdened population .

The key provisions UP government is targeting

In India , the awareness on birth control and family planning is strictly limited to some societies.

People who mostly know about these fail to follow such measures .

The main problem arises in village level where these awareness issues are more.

  1. Awareness on contraceptives and use of contraceptives will be given more priority.

Local authorities such as NGO’s will fulfill this task.

2. This law will be applicable for a married couple where the age of boy is not less than 21 years.

And the age of girl is not less than18 years.

3. Family planning methods will be conveyed by local healthcare workers.

Mandatory pregnancy registration and birth information will be recorded to avoid any illegal practice.

4. Till 19 July, suggestions from citizens will be invited regarding the bill.

And later it was uploaded in the state law commission website after it was announced.


The road to development of any nation depends on its productivity of its population.

With increase in population , skilled population struggle to find work.

And they will end up doing jobs that don’t support their interest.

So the population control bill may prove to be a game changer in India’s Economic progress in near future if implemented properly.


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